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My Reasons for Saying No to Holidays and Some of My Reasons for Being an Atheist

I don't celebrate holidays because many of them are derived from religion and they are often times associated with a lot of buying and spending. I believe that kindness isn't something best expressed through spending. My ideas of gifts are being kind (to all beings), hand-made/DIY gifts--be it making arts & crafts, writing, composing music/singing a song, simply letting someone know you care--and that can be done any day and every day. Why should there have to be a traditional "mold" to follow? I march to the sound of my own drummer, and am proud to do so.

Mind you, I'm not saying that I hate anyone who celebrates holidays or even if they have tendencies to buy a lot--BUT I have issues with those who enforce what they do/practice on me or anyone else who prefers an alternative to traditional things. I believe you can have fun and be non-traditional!

Much of the pressure enforced on people--on holidays--is very disturbing to me, whether it be following traditions, going to religious ceremonies (especially if it's enforced on non-religious people), unhealthy eating/overeating/animal consumption and of course, buying and spending. That's to name just a few.

I have also had bad past experiences, especially in November and December. Much of it was tactless verbal/emotional/psychological abuse from my dad's mother (and on occasions his father), but he did nothing about it (and defended her, if anything). Now that I'm free to make my own decisions, I don't see my dad's side of the family ever anymore. They've been abusive, manipulative, condescending, and cruel.

Since I'm not working today, I'm proud to say that it will be just me and my cats spending quality time together. :)
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