Legal Professional Jill of All Trades (2_the_rescue) wrote in scrooge_you,
Legal Professional Jill of All Trades

Catering to the retail crowd . . .

Retail madness has taken over our lives.

My parking garage increased its daily rate to $12/day in order to "make room for holiday shoppers." Contained in the notice was also a statement that if we spend $25 at any select retail establishment and validate the parking, the rate will be back down to $9/day. It will be back to normal after the holidays.

Of course, there was absolutely no thought for those of us who actually WORK for a living and don't go SHOPPING! in the middle of the day.

Hiding under a rock until January 2 sounds better every day . . . .

(Hope you don't mind me borrowing the icon jenbooks.  It pretty much sums up my attitude right now!)

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