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Scrooge you all!

The Christmas Curmudgeon Community
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Do you find that the Christmas carols played in the malls the day after Halloween drive you to a Paxil prescription?

Do you look forward to January 2?

Do you call in sick on the day of your holiday office party?

Would you rather cut off your own head with a butter knife than visit a shopping mall during this time of year?

Are you sick and tired of friends and family calling you Scrooge because you do not have a tree or lights?

Do you find your neighbor's light display tacky and blinding?

Did you like Scrooge much better before the ghosts got to him?

Are you still in trouble for telling your six-year-old nephew that Santa died in a sleigh crash?

If you share these or similar sentiments about the Holidaze, then this community is for you! We can vent about crowds, noise and obnoxious parties. We can seek support when the "Xmasistas" call us Scrooge. We can even post pictures and links of tacky light displays!